Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean Record & Stylus Cleaner Putty

Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean Record & Stylus Cleaner Putty

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The High-tech compound for the most gentle and efficient cleaning of your precious vinyl records collection and sensitive phono equipment. Dry-cleaning effect!

Perfectly cleans in-depth, removes dust and debris from record grooves and pick-up head. Dust and harmful particles are encapsulated by the compound, thus significantly reducing abrasion effect and minimiz-ing sonic distortion.


  • For better sound and longer life of your record
  • Cleans records and cartridges
  • Absorbs dust and other harmful particles
  • Leaves no residue
  • Mildly removes deep seated dirt
  • Reusable multiple times
  • Colorchart included to indicates when to replace Vinyl Clean
  • Based on natural ingredients