MOEN DC Plug 8 Way Daisy Chain - 2.1mm

MOEN DC Plug 8 Way Daisy Chain - 2.1mm

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MOEN 8 Plug Daisy Chain Power Cable with Angled Plugs The MOEN 8 plug daisy chain plugs into the end of the cable from a 9v AC adapter (DC current), you can then power up to 8 pedals at once from the one ac adapter.

Featuring straight plugs and a 15cm spread between each connector, this MOEN daisy chain makes setting up and laying out your pedal board a whole lot easier.

Suits Many Brands of Effect Pedals This daisy chain will fit pedals including models by Boss, MOEN, Daphon, Danelectro, Ibanez, Fulltone, Marshall, Rocktek, Morley, Dunlop, Guyatone, Crispy Cream, Behringer, Daphon, Aria, GLX, etc.


  • Connector Pins - 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD
  • Suitable for many brands of guitar effects pedals
  • Right angle plugs
  • Length: 120cm (15cm between each plug)